Secure Online Shopping at ITRE
Shopping is safe with ITRE. When you connect to our secure web server, you ask that server to authenticate itself. This authentication is a complex process involving public keys, private keys and a digital certificate. The certificate tells you that an independent third party has agreed that the server belongs to the company it claims to belong to. A valid certificate means that you can have confidence that you are sending information to the right place.

How do I know if a server is secure?
When you go into a secure server the key or lock in the bottom of your browser will appear locked or highlighted. The address of the web site will also change from http://www… to https://www… signifying that the site is secure.

When you enter this site a message is sent to your computer in the form of a cookie.

This is a message given to your Web browser by our Web server. The browser stores the message in a text file. The message is then sent back to the server each time the browser requests a page from the server. The message our cookie contains is simply a unique reference number (like a sales number you see on shop receipts) which refers to that particular visit to our site. This number enables us to track what services you have ordered and any options you may have chosen. As you add more services and enter your details we know these all apply to the same sales number.

More secure features
For added security our cookies expire shortly after you leave our site or when you close your browser, this means that if someone else accesses our site from your PC later on your details will no longer be stored and they will not be able to make further purchases using your details.

When completing your payment details if you should need to go back to the page you entered the number on, the credit card number field will always be blank and will need to be filled out again.

Once you submit your order your details are transferred directly to our sales team and we do not keep records of your orders on our server.